Ad Hoc Medical Aid: cataract and misformed fingers




One of the nurses who regularely works on the Gesar Ambulance for the Gesar Fund was on the way to Yushu when along the road she met a nomad who invited her to his house to drink tea.


In his one-room house were numerous family members amonst them two nieces. One niece had advanced cataract (probably due to untreated sugar disease) and the other niece had very painly misformed fingers (since her birth)


The nurse took the parents with the two daughters dirctly to the Yushu Peoples Hospital where initial treatment tookplace. Also medication has been bought, also for the upcoming winter.


As soon as there is contact again with this family, an update will be posted.


Allthough the Gesar Fund strives to offer stuctural aid, in severe case we immediately help out.


And we are glad we can do so, thanks to your donations. So please, continue donating!