Gesar Praying House crowned with Stupa!


Underneath two photos of the new praying house in the Gesar Community Centre. The first photo was taken in the summer of 2016.



In octobre the ornaments were placed on the roof (as well as the small stupa) and three weeks ago the praying wheel was installed. Yesterday we received the photos.


Hardly any cloud in the sky, but as can seen by the clothing the nomads wear, it is extreme cold. In Dönda in general is is soo cold that all other boeddhistic activities have to take place inside one of the Gesar rooms.


The completed praying house motivates 'our' nomad group to come more often to the Community Centre, which gives our local volunteers opportunity to have a better overview of health issues within the group. Also in general more people are coming in which gives us the opportunity to give ad hoc aid if required.


Slowly the General Community Centre is evolving in a thruly community centre where medical aid is offered, one can buy some groceries and bread, some people are learning a handicraft and so on.


With the placing of the stupa on top of teh praying house the Gesar Fund gained a big spot in the hearts of the local nomads and the population of Dönda in general, as buddhism is strongly woven in everyday life.