Structural contribution for Gaduo nunnery!!!



At a distance of 75 km of Dönda the hamlet Gaduo can be found. There is a nunnery in Gaduo, but not one as one would imagine.


No buildings, only tents, except for a tiny stone building kitchen.


The local Gesar volunteers bought a steam bread oven for the nuns. With this machine they not only can provide in bread for their own

community and local nomads, but also for workers working on nearby infrastructure projects.

Structural contribution!!!


The Gesar Fund bestuur decided, of course also because of the abominable living conditions, to give structural contributions to the nunnery.


There is a lot to do! First - on short notice - something will have to be done about the absurd housing. Past winters the nuns survived in tents which hardly could not be warmed. And water for washing oor cooking came in form of ice, thus always had to be put on the stove first.


This summer a decent dormitory will be built, well isolated and with sanitation.


But we have more reasons to support the nuns. They get a good education, and in this rural area this means more opportunities to get married.Thus the average level of education will rise and in time also the level of prosperity.