Status Gesar Tailors


In 2016 the Gesar Fund invested in the education of three nomads in a tailor factory in Ysushu.


For photo's, see Gesar Fund Photostream / Learning a Profession.


One of the nomads appeared to be very motivated, was a very hard worker, but also appeared to be talented in this profession. Thus he was offered a contract, and he and his wife and children moved to Yushu.


The money he is earning now of course also will be beneficial for his remaining family members in the Dönda area!


The remaining two nomads who followed the course returned to Dönda after the eduction and produced in the autumn of 2017 wintercoats for all nomad families!


Zie de foto's op Flickr!


In the Gesar Community Centre a sowing machine is placed. The two men work there and do free clothing repairs for the nomad families.