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18-12-2012 11:35:39
Gesar Fund on the Social Media
More photo's and information regarding the Gesar F... Read more »
7-11-2013 7:39:17
Gesar Fund Recent Updates
Update 15-08-2014:     ... Read more »
12-5-2014 21:27:29
New photo's!
We received photo's of the Gesar Co... Read more »
17-6-2014 9:18:41
Update 16-06-2014: Education Infectious diseases
  Spring is allready a while on its way, a... Read more »
17-6-2014 9:24:39
Update 16-06-2014: Interior Gesar Community Centre
  As earlier mentioned, the Centre structu... Read more »
20-7-2014 15:31:36
2014-07-20: No visa for Checking our Aid 2014
  Unfortunately this year boardmember Nyim... Read more »
20-7-2014 15:37:39
2014-07-20: Photo's from hepititis test results from the Dцnda region
  Two days ago five photo's arrived via Wh... Read more »
15-8-2014 23:52:51
Gesar Fund Annual Account 2013
The Gesar Fund received 22% more do... Read more »
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Annual Donation Campaign 2010
Annual Donation CampaignIn the second half of 2010... Read more »
12-6-2009 10:10:20
Gesar Fund is looking for talent
The ambitions of Gesar know hardly any limits. The... Read more »
14-8-2013 22:28:48
Checking our Aid 2013
      In August 2013 boa... Read more »
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Generosity is the ultimate wealth!

Gesar Fund focuses on alleviating poverty, stimulating education and fostering health in the Tibetan region of Kham (including Surmang) and in the region of Golok.


Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche:


"For many years, the Tibetan community in the Surmang area has been helped and supported by members of Shambhala and others living in Europe. These activities have now been grouped into the Gesar Fund, registered in the Netherlands. The Fund aspires to grown into a strong organization that can extend its activities beyond Surmang to include support for people in the regions of Kham and Golok. I very much welcome this development and I would like to encourage people of good heart to contribute generously to these projects that will be so meaningful to the Tibetans living there."

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Update 06-11-2013: Gesar Community Centre Status   Basic building, that is walls, roofs, doors and windows, has been completed with all houses on very firm foundations. The foundation underneath one house even will be capable to support an ext ...
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Update 22-05-2013; saving Champo's life.     Champo is a litte two year old boy from the Nanchen region suffering from Tuberculous meningitis and was treated at a Xining hospital. The Gesar Fund donated 2000 yuan (~US$325) fo ...
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Education for children is for the people of Kham and Golok no ordinary case. Gesarfund sponsors an educational project for one hundred children in close collaboration with local initiative takers. They get education for ten months per year (for seven ...