Letter from the Könchok Foundation
We received an e-mail from the Könchok Foundation....

Status Gesar Tailors
In 2016 the Gesar Fund invested in the education of three nomads in a tailor factory in Ysushu. How are they doing now?

Structural contribution for Gaduo nunnery!!!
At a distance of 75 km of Dönda the hamlet Gaduo can be found. There is a nunnery in Gaduo, but not one as one would imagine.....

Könchock Foundation Education Project 10 years!
In het Gesar Community Centre heeft zich afgelopen maand maart een heel bijzondere activiteit afgespeeld....

Annual Account 2017
The Annual Account over 2017 is online

Emergency renovation
The Gesar Community Centre in Dönda underwent an emergency renovation.....

Ad hoc Poverty Alleviation: 4 families
Poverty Alleviation is one of pillars of the Gesar Fund focus points. Last month the local volunteers decided......

The nunnery in Guado
There is a nunnery in gaduo, but not one as one would imagine......

Annual account 2016
The annual account of 2016 is available. Amongst others.....

Reports and contracts
In this Gesar update we like to clarify the reports and contracts....

More visitors for the Gesar Community Centre!
The praying house is the very reason for the elderly to come to the centre. The amount of people dropping by has increased .....

Gesar Praying House crowned with Stupa!
Underneath two photos of the new praying house.....

Ad Hoc Medical Aid: cataract and misformed fingers
One of the nurses who regularely works on the Gesar Ambulance for the Gesar Fund was.....

Tailors training in Yushu started
Our previous update was about the investments the Gear Fund is making.....

The Gesar Fund invests in education!






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