Projects, general information

The Gesar Fund is active in three projects. Criteria which the projects that the Foundation supports must fulfill are:

  • The projects should fall within the goals of the foundation, which relate to healthcare, poverty   reduction and education in Surmang (including Surmang) and Golok.
  • Financial transparency: The reports should justify the expenses of money.
  • It is desirable that reports on the project also include photographic  footage.
  • The board should have the ability themselves or through third parties to obtain information on how the projects work on site.
  • The board should publish Annual Accounts.


The three Gesar Fund projects are Family to Family, Healthcare and Education. Click on on of the projects in the carrousel underneath or on the right side of this page to get more information.






Gesar Fund Projecten

The Gesar Fund currently works on the next three projects:


Gesar Fund Family to Family

Family to family


Gesar Fund Healthcare



Gesar Fund Education