Checking our Aid


The Gesar Fund board is of the opinion that our donators not only have right to read our annual accounts, but also that they should be provided with yearly summaries in where is clarified how the donations are spent.


This includes how the Gesar Fund money is spent locally in Kham.


To check the local expenditures boardmember Nyima Kunga travels - if possible - to his birth ground in the summer of each year. Apart from visiting his family much time is invested in checking progress and talking to the nomads supported by the Gesar Fund.


Nyima returns end of August with a lot of inside information regarding the current state of the projects, but also regarding new possibilities.


The Gesar Fund pays Nyima Kunga's journey. Other boardmembers who travel to Kham pay their own tickets.


The Checking our Aid campaign consists of some six weekly reports from Nyima straight from Kham. The reports immediately are placed on this website.




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Checking our Aid


Underneath you'll find hyperlinks to the Checking our Aid campaigns of the past years.


Each serie consists of some six newsupdates received directly from Kham.



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