Letter from the Könchok Foundation


Yesterday we received an e-mail from our contactperson Lyndon Comstock of the Könchok Foundation. What this foundation does can be read on our Education Project Page.


A video and some photo’s which also were sent by Lyndon hace been placed inbetween the lines. Go to our Gesar Fund Flickr Pagina to see them all!


Underneath the text of the e-mail:


“As you know, each year, there’s a gala event for the children who’ve
been participating in the children’s educational program, at the Surmang

Khenpo was very pleased at how many children were able to
participate this year in the program, more than 250.  (I assume that
means at both the monastery and the second site, although it may mean
just at the monastery, with more at the second site.) 


The celebratory event is always held right before Losar.

At the celebratory program, which includes singing and dancing, there
are gifts for each child.  This year the children got book bag backpacks.  There were also some books given to each family.  Khatas are given to the boys and girls in each age group who had the best scholastic achievement in the educational program.


There are many adults who attend the celebration, as you”ll see in one
of the photos.

You may find it interesting to notice the iconography that’s visible in
a couple of the photos. The poster that includes the Vidyadhara and the
Karmapa is a new one to me, I haven’t seen that before. You’ll also
recognize the garuda emblem that many children are holding and which
Trungpa XII Rinpoche seems to have adopted, appropriately enough, as a
symbol of the Trungpa lineage.  Many of the children are holding photos
of a thangka but I don’t know what thangka it is.

I don’t have room in this email or I would have stuck in a little video
clip that Khenpo sent of driving over the Gula pass in the snow.  It’s a
picturesque reminder of why we don’t go to the monastery in winter.



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