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In this Gesar update we like to clarify the reports and contracts.

You might have noticed it in the past few years: in all the updates we gave we provided photo’s as well and between these photo’s of ‘our’ nomads, the schools where we carried out TB tests and the education projects we have, sometimes photo’s of documents would pop up. Documents with Tibetan scripture or Chinese characters.  
These documents are reports or they are contracts. We oblige schools which carry out the Gesar Fund provided TB tests to report on name, age and of course test results of the students.
  This all goes without saying. Also is evident that a contract is signed for the education of the three tailor students in the cltohing factory in Yushu.
Yet there is another reason why the Gesar Fund concludes contracts and expects reports. Often a contract not only is a business agreement, there also is a moral side to it.The moral side often is represented by the presence of a lama at the moment of the signing of the contract. His presence gives a moral / spiritual implication which in Tibetan culture – where daily life is intertwined with the spiritual life – is very significant.
Thus the Gesar Fund is taken much more serious than any other NGO. And so the money of our donators is taken more seriously!We thank all donators for the trust they have in us!   

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