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Date of establishment

The Gesar Fund foundation is established by deed at 27th of  February 2004.

The foundation tries to reach this goal by:
2.Founding and supporting clinics and medical observation  posts.
3.Training of local doctors.
4.Giving medicins.
5.Giving medical education to the Tibetan population.
6.Sending doctors and trained medics to the clinics.
7.And anything what can accomplish the goal.

The capital of the Foundation is formed by:
1.What is donated to the foundation via donation, subsidy, appointment or legacy
2.Returns on investment.
3.Any other income

Articles amend/Change of Name
On the 11th November of 2008 the name “Stichting Surmang Foundation Europe” has been changed into “Stichting Gesar Fund”.

Tax Authorities: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI)
The foundation is registered in Leiden and at the Chamber of Commerce under number 28100515. The Foundation is recognized by The Tax Authorities as ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) / (General Benefit Objective Organization). Your donations are tax deductible.

Yearly summaries
Do you want to read to which projects the Gesar Fund spended its capital during the last years? Take a look at the page Gesar Fund Yearly Summaries.

Checking our Aid
The Gesar Fund holds the opinion that our donators not only have right to read our annual accounts, but also that they should be provided with summaries in where is clarified how the donations are spent.

Yearly Summaries


Checking our Aid


Improving the living standards of the Tibetan people in China. Ineke de Wit founded therefore six years ago the Surmang Foundation Europe. Surmang is a region in Kham, where the monasteries of Trungpa Rinpoche resided. Through the foundation established by her, she hoped to collect more money for healthcare in the region.


Ineke de Wit, the founder (in memoriam)

Meanwhile the area where the Foundation has easy access to has increased. It now includes the entire region of Kham and the region of Golok. We have also gotten more perspective on other needs than just health care. We decided to expand our fundraising to education, starting with primary education. To underline that we broaden our scope, we have chosen a different name in the spirit of the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. We welcome since December 1, 2008: Gesar Fund Foundation.


Gesar of Ling
Gesar of Ling is a legendary Tibetan king whom stories are retold throughout the whole Tibetan world, even to this day. He is seen as a rebirth of Avalokitesvara, the bodhisattva of compassion and of Padmasambhava. Fearlessly he freed the people in Tibet who were suffering under the terror of aggression, greed and fear. That’s how he created an enlightened society. Under his reign prosperity prevailed. Wisdom and humanity flourished as never before. The Gesar Fund aims to be inspired by Gesar’s energetic compassion and Shambhala- vision, and of course by his total devotion to the Tibetan people.