annual Summaries


From the preface of the first Gesar Fund Annual Summary (2012):


“During this year the Gesar Fund tried to keep you, contributors and potential contributors, informed regarding the by us supported activities in Tibet.


We did this by posting messages on our website (and on diverse social media websites), sending news updates via e-mail and of course directly via personal contacts of the Gesar Fund board members


This year we also have made an annual summary. Why?


We noticed that some of the by the Gesar Fund supported projects were influenced by rapid changes, and in such a degree that some of our messages were inaccurate within a period of months.”


The Gesar Fund board id of the opinion our contributors not only have the right to read the annual accounts, but also that there need to be yearly accounts in where is accounted for the expenditure of the donations.

Apart from the summaries of the developments in the projects also is mentioned:

  • the total of received donations.
  • fundraisings in the Netherlands
  • nieuws about the Gesar Fund in the media