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Gesar Fund focuses on alleviating poverty, stimulating education and fostering health in the Tibetan Kham ang Chenduo regions in the Yushu prefecture.


Fighting Tuberculose (TB) was the first Gesar Fund health project (2008). Due to the large earthquake in april 2010 the Gesar Fund had to postpone this project as all docters and nurses in the district were send to the sisaster area by the government.
Then we started to think about a project that would need less time investment by medical personel and this has become the Fighting Hepatitis Project.
In november 2011 the Fighting-TB project could be resumed.
Next to the two current health projects the Gesar Fund also provides ad hoc medical aid.

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Education for the children of Kham and Golok is no ordinary case. The Gesar Fund sponsors an educational project for one to two hundred children in close collaboration with Khenpo Tsering, the abbot of the Surmang monastery, and the American Könchok Foundation. The children get education for ten months per year (for seven days per week).

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The “Family to Family” project evolved out of the “Poverty Alleviation” project (that immediately was started after the severe april 2010 earthquake) and the “2011 Checking our Aid” campaign. The Family to Family project supports a group of the poorest nomad families living in the surroundings of the Dönda village, close to Yushu.

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The Gesar Fund provides support in the region Kham, especially in the area around the administrative capital Yushuin the south of the current province of Qinghai.

Yushu lies at 3700 meter altitude with long, cold and extremely dry winters. The short summers are wet. In 2010 Yushu had a population of over 120.000 inhabitants.

The Gesar General Store and the Gesar Community Centre are located in Dönda (in chinese: Qingshuise), some 60 kilometers to the north of Yushu.